Guidelines for Online Interaction

We want to hear from you! We encourage comments, critiques, questions, and suggestions about improving Concord for all residents. We’d like to hear your ideas and suggestions on the Concord Communities Alliance as well. We want CCA’s content channels to be forums where all Concord residents can become informed, empowered and engaged about the many ways in which our shared objectives might be pursued. We support the exchange of ideas and perspectives with civility and respectful dialogue.

These guidelines for online interaction apply to all the places CCA is present online — this web site, our social media pages, and other content channels, such as YouTube and SoundCloud. They govern all cases where the public or members of CCA have the opportunity to submit or post content or comments.

Our first request is simple: stay on topicConcord (and its immediate neighbors).

Especially germane are all Concord civic and public matters related to the common good and our common interests as residents. Posts and comments about regional, state and national events and topics will very likely be removed by administrators, as may be content of very narrow, commercial, or obvious self- or commercial interest. This is not out of any disagreement with such comments or posts, but because there are other, more appropriate forums for them.

We also ask that everyone

  • Show respect for other people’s opinions
  • Avoid offensive statements, profanity, personal insults, illegal content, or posting deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw dialogue off-track
  • Avoid attacks on specific groups or any comments meant to harass, threaten or abuse an individual
  • Take lengthy personal discussions to your own pages

Hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs violate our shared values of civility, dialogue, and mutual respect. Since these are the conditions for participating on our content channels, social media pages and website, we reserve the right to delete any comment or post which, in our sole opinion, violates these values. False or misleading content, even under the guise of opinion, may also be called out publicly and/or removed as necessary.

Please understand that we reserve the right to delete comments or posts for any reason we deem appropriate. For any social media pages or website forums which are not moderated, we reserve the right to change to moderation at any time we deem it appropriate to maintain our focus and values.

And while we will make every effort to live up to our values of civility, transparency, and respectful dialogue, we reserve the right to take any administrative action with respect to content or individual participation on our pages, up to and including blocking any person from commenting, without warning or explanation.

Be aware that anything sent in, posted, or in any way disclosed on Concord Communities Alliance social media pages can be reproduced, disclosed legally, transmitted, published, broadcast and/or posted somewhere else. Assume anything you say or post can and will be very public.

The opinions by expressed on CCA’s website and social media pages by members of the public are not necessarily the opinions of the Concord Communities Alliance or its members and we assume no responsibility for such content by allowing it to remain accessible in those places.