Downtown Stadium: Just Say NO!

CCA Takes Action! #NoDowntownStadium

A Walnut Creek developer who purchased a minor league soccer team needs to build a stadium, and fast. He wants to use public land in Concord. The Concord Communities Alliance does not support the proposal to build an 18,000 seat soccer stadium in downtown Concord. We encourage the City Council to understand:

  • ┬áThe proposed site is on public land. Such land should be used in a more equitable manner.
  • The proposal violates Concord’s Downtown Specific Plan, which the City has been committed to for 5 years now. The site is designated for housing, not a stadium (see picture below).
  • The disruption to nearby residents and surrounding neighborhoods is unnecessary and unwelcome.
  • The only jobs a stadium would bring to our community would be low paying and seasonal.
  • Compared to major league teams, minor league soccer teams struggle. If the developer’s team goes under, Concord is left with a massive monument to poor decision-making as our city’s centerpiece.

Sign the petition and send the City Council a message!

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